Employee assistance

Employee Assistance Program for Mental Health

This program includes mental health, alcohol/drug counseling, and evaluation services for employees of a contracting business or industry – as well as consultation services to the business or industry.

Four County Mental Health Center is pleased to work with area businesses to provide employees with access to important counseling services. This arrangement not only communicates your company’s commitment to overall workforce health and wellness, but helps remove a barrier many experience when trying to access mental health services.

The reach of this EAP benefit goes far beyond the identified patient; it helps entire families. Some of the primary issues addressed through EAP services have included anxiety, depression, substance use, and family/relational problems. Each of these, left untreated, can create significant costs and hardships within a workforce.

Specific benefits vary depending on the agreement between employer and Four County. Most agreements are based on a fee per employee per month basis. Options include free visits for employees and/or family members, workplace training on a variety of workplace issues and mediation services as needed.