Coffeyville Office

Patient Testimonials





“I am very thankful for Four County. I would be lost without the help. I have come a long way, I finally started feeling myself again. Everyone has gone out of their way to really make sure I get all the help I need.”


“Four County has provided me with the positive supports that I have really needed at this time in my life.  Going through my mother’s illness and death I don’t think I would have made it had it not been for the people at Four County supporting me and genuinely caring about me.  Having folks in my life that have helped me to set goals for myself and make sure that I am following through on them benefits me more than any of them will ever know.”


“When I first came to Four County, I was homeless and jobless and had recently gotten into trouble with the police. After reaching rock bottom, I sought out Four County of my own volition for help getting my life and mental health stable. With Four County Mental Health, I have made exponential improvement since beginning services.  Today, I have an excellent support system who keeps me accountable to my goals and wellness.  I have become more stable by actively engaging in treatment, and by doing so, I have obtained and maintained full-time employment, a stable living environment, and will soon be graduating with my college degree. With my own hard work and the help of a good team, I was able to become successful in getting my life back.”


“Before I started working with Four County Mental Health, I was severely depressed, isolated, played video games about 20 hours per day, slept and then went back to playing games. I did not get out to exercise and was overweight. I got into case management and EES, which helped me get my driver’s license and decrease isolation.  I then obtained employment as a courier. I love my job because it helps me get out and around people. I have lost weight, become more independent, active, healthier and happier.”


“I have been a client of Four County for 20 years. Living with a mental illness has been a real challenge, but with the support of Four County I have been able to meet that challenge. Four County offers services such as medication management, individual and group therapy, clubhouse programs, case management, and much more. I can now live independently, be involved in church, be involved in community activities, and enjoy being a happy, healthy and productive individual. I am honored to serve on the Board of Directors for the past ten years as a client representative. Four County has helped me discover the person I am and want to be. I am very blessed to be in a community that supports and encourages individuals with mental health illnesses. Thank you, Four County!”