Mental Health Outpatient Programs

Four County offers a variety of individual and group therapy services to adults, children and families at all locations.

Getting Started

The first step is to gather information from our potential customers to assure that each person is referred to the right place and service. This may be done over the phone, email,

Common reasons for entering outpatient services*

  • Mood problems: Feeling sad, hopeless or depressed.
  • Anxiety problems: Intense worry or a general feeling of nervousness.
  • Trauma and Loss: Unpleasant emotions in response to a difficult life event or series of life events.
  • Childhood problems: Problems in school or at home due to a child’s emotions and/or behaviors. In addition, Four County serves children and families in foster care on a regular basis.
  • Relationship problems: Problems with your spouse or partner, problems with work and social relationships.
  • Specialized evaluation: Four County provides a variety of psychological testing and custom evaluations. Requests may come from schools, employers, court services and other medical providers.

* There are many other reasons why an individual may seek outpatient services. If you have questions, please contact us.

First Appointment: First appointments may include a walk-in or same day service, scheduled admission or a specialized assessment. The purpose of your first appointment is to assess your current needs and take steps to help you. After your first appointment, you may be referred to one of the following services for additional help.

Individual Therapy: Individual therapy may also be known as “counseling.” Individual therapy is a collaborative time between a client and therapist to talk through challenges and identify goals and steps to help you on your path to wellness. 

Group Therapy: This is a therapy service led by a licensed provider with a group of individuals with similar needs. Sharing and learning from other people is a proven method to help individuals recover from common behavioral health problems. Most groups have around 6-10 people.

Family Therapy: Family therapy involves structured sessions with a licensed therapist and relevant family members. It is an effective tool that can help improve communication and work through problems in a safe environment.

*Additional Services: Couples counseling; Psychological testing; Parental psychological evaluations; Anger Management groups: Men’s Non-Violence (Batterer’s Intervention) services, and specialized early childhood evaluations (Birth-5).

* These services may not be available in all locations.