Discounted Services

Four County Mental Health Center, in its role as a Community Mental Health Center and working toward Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic status, provides a full range of behavioral health services to our communities, including therapy, medication management, mental health emergency treatment and specialty services.

Discounts of 10% – 90% are available for most services, and are based on the client’s household size and income and insurance arrangement.

We participate in third-party billing, accept most insurance plans, and also expect patient responsibility payments at the time of service.

Contact us for more information and for a detailed listing of services and associated charges – we are here to help.

Four County Mental Health Center

Customary Charges


Service TypeDuration/Service LevelCharge
Individual Therapy16-37 minutes$80
38-52 minutes$100
53+ minutes$160
Med Management
Level 1$30
Level 2$60
Level 3$85
Level 4$130
Level 5$210
Attendant CareEach 15 minutes$7.10
Admission EvaluationEach event$150
Case ConferenceEach event$100
CBST Screen AdvEach event$81.60
Competency EvaluationEach event$315
Continued Stay ScreeningEach event$3,053
Couples TherapyEach 15 minutes$25
Court TestimonyEach 15 minutes$25
CPST AdultEach 15 minutes$32.54
CPST ChildEach 15 minutes$32.54
CPST Employment SupportEach 15 minutes$34.07
CPST IDDTEach 15 minutes$35.39
CPST Strengths BasedEach 15 minutes$34.07
Crisis ScreenEach hour$200
Crisis AdvancedEach 15 minutes$44.37
Crisis BasicEach 15 minutes$22.19
Crisis IntermediateEach 15 minutes$35.50
DUI Diversion EvaluationEach event, includes fee$245
DUI EvaluationEach event$150
EC AssessmentEach event$137.50
EC InterventionEach 15 minutes$17.85
EC ScreenEach event$25.50
Family TherapyEach event$150
Gambling AssessmentEach event$150
Gamb Crisis InterEach 15 minutes$43.50
Gambling Family TherapyEach 15 minutes$25
Gambling Group TherapyEach 15 minutes$12.50
Gambling IndividualEach 15 minutes$25
Group TherapyMental Health per event$75
SUD per 15 minutes$12.50
InjectionEach event$35
SUD Case ManagementEach 15 minutes$25
SUD Peer Support GroupEach 15 minutes$7.85
SUD Peer Support IndEach 15 minutes$15.71
SUD EvaluationEach event$150
Parent EvaluationEach event$130
Medical EvalEach event$210
Parent Support GroupEach 15 minutes$3.33
Parent Support IndividualEach 15 minutes$11.09
PASRR ScreenEach event$345
Psych Rehab IndEach 15 minutes$13.90
PRTF ScreenEach event$150
Peer Support GroupEach 15 minutes$7.85
Peer Support IndEach 15 minutes$11.09
Psych Rehab Group-AdultEach 15 minutes$4.46
Psych Rehab Group-ChildEach 15 minutes$8.93
Psych TestingEach hour$130
Relapse & PreventionEach 15 minutes$8.75
Senate Bill Evaluation
Senate Bill Family Sess
SUD Support ServicesEach 15 minutes$8.00
Targeted Case ManagementEach 15 minutes$11.05
Treatment Plan16-37 minutes$80
38-52 minutes$100
53+ minutes$160
MH Walkin IntakeEach event$150
School Admission EvalEach event$150
School Ind Therapy16-37 minutes$80
38-52 minutes$100
53+ minutes$160
School Family TherapyEach event$150
School Group TherapyEach event$75
SUD General AssessmentEach event$150
TCM Tx PlanEach 15 minutes$11.05
CPST Tx PlanEach 15 minutes$32.54
Crisis Screen